Beginning Anew: One at a Time

A late-afternoon some weeks ago, newly home from physical therapy, I was just getting back to my dissertation, cup of coffee to my right, iMac front-and-center, Calderón play to my left, when the fire alarm went off. Burnt popcorn again, I grumbled to myself. But I threw my iPad in my backpack and grabbed my TimeMachine computer backup as […]

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New Year, New Rag!

As my ninth grade math teacher Mr. Grabb remarked with suppressed excitement, “New year, new rag!” And then, enacting a ritual I can only assume was annual, he threw out the rag that played an integral role in class and brought out a new one. You see, the rag was employed to wipe out his black and red […]

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A Case Study: the Warrior

The Site of the Problem Every time I take out Chapter 2 of my literature dissertation I seem to fail. I am writing about Judah Maccabee, my warrior hero, a man who fights guerrilla (not orangutan) warfare from the hills around Jerusalem, outnumbered and unequipped against the Seleucid Greco-Assyrians. And Judah does anything but fail. The burden has […]

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A Headful of Tasks: Drawing From the Well

Your Ones, Determined You are at the point where you have your Ones, your categories. Maybe you, like me, have a bunch of them, ranging say, from Exercise to Reading to Teaching Preparation. And you’re using the 1-and-1-and-1 Plan, writing down tasks in your Book that fulfill those Ones like “do the theraband exercises,” “read one chapter in Gabriel García Márquez’s Cien años de soledad (One-Hundred Years of Solitude), and […]

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